Unity Worldwide Ministries
Unity Center in Milwaukee is a member of Unity Worldwide Ministries and follows all of the principles laid out by Unity Worldwide which is located at Unity Village.

Daily Word
Since its inception in 1924, Daily Word has provided people of all faiths with positive words of truth and inspiration. Each magazine includes two months of daily affirmative messages, feature articles and spiritual poetry. The Daily Word is available in a small format that fits in pockets or purses (approximately 3″ x 4″), large print, audio, or braille formats. You can purchase copies of the Daily Word every other month at UCIM or you can get an annual subscription.

Great Lakes Unity Region
Unity Center in Milwaukee is part of the Great Lakes Region of Unity Churches.

Silent Unity
The Unity approach to prayer is affirmative, based on positive prayers and affirmations that have universal, interfaith appeal. Silent Unity is available 24/7, ready to offer you free confidential prayer support whenever you want

Unity Village
Unity Village is located 15 miles southeast of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Established nearly 100 years ago, it became the spiritual headquarters for the worldwide Unity movement. Today the Mediterranean-style campus still offers a quiet refuge and nurturing activities for body, mind and spirit. The pristine campus includes 1,400 acres of beautiful countryside along with formal gardens, magnificent fountains, walking trails, a “green” hotel and conference center, a swimming pool, a nine-hole golf course, the best and most extensive library in the region for books and other resources on spiritual education and personal growth, a bookstore and coffee shop, and a variety of peaceful indoor and outdoor chapels for prayer and meditation.

Unity FM
The Voice of an Awakening World · Unity.FM … with Unity Online Radio. Daily program schedule repeats from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Central Time. Radio Network is a platform for spiritual and New Thought discussions. The programs on the network are a powerful voice in providing the consciousness, clarity and common vision necessary to create transformation in the world today. We call it “The Voice of an Awakening World.”  Listeners can tune in around the clock to hear provocative, uplifting and inspiring programs on topics ranging from what Jesus really taught to how to maintain a spiritual practice with your partner or spouse.

Unity Magazine
With Unity Magazine, you will find answers to spiritual questions with articles on a variety of topics—relationships, meditation, divine potential and more. Each bimonthly issue is read by people from all denominations and faiths around the world and features writings by renowned spiritual teachers, such as Wayne Muller, Mary Manin Morrissey, Barbara King and many more.

Unity Institute
Unity Institute, through outstanding higher education, develops ministers and other leaders who live spiritual principles and inspire transformation.

World Day of Prayer
Unity Center in Milwaukee participates in the World Day of Prayer each year. We invite ministers and prayer leaders from several denominations and churches to join in an ecumenical prayer service.