Prosperity has an energy of love, gratitude, appreciation, and exchange.

It feels good.  And feeling-good feelings bring more with them:

Joy, well-being, happiness, sufficiency, partnership, purpose, peace, and pleasure.


Love Offerings

Perhaps it's easier to connect Love Offerings with classes or consultations; or experiences, in general, where your soul has been fed here.  Or maybe it's a personal tithe of abundance received.

Thank you, and sincere appreciation.

Laws of Prosperity

What are some of the best words and stories you've ever heard about receiving prosperity?  About abundance?  About generosity?  About our unlimited supply?  Most of us have heard about the universal Law of Attraction.

Edwene Gaines spoke here in April 2017, entertainingly sharing Four Laws of Prosperity.  Watch a few minutes and you'll see for yourself. (Scroll down)