World Day of Prayer

September 9, 2020: Rev. Mari Gabrielson

A special program by Kathryn Rambo and her Tibetan singing bowls and reverie harp. This will be an extraordinary substitution for our regular evening of interfaith prayers and participants

A special Thank you:

Labor of Love Beautification of our Center

Headed by Sandra Krause, Who spent a lot of time planning, and implementing the plan.

With a lot of extra hard workers and donations of time, energy and products, made it all possible.                        It is beautiful!

Thank you Sandra, Linda Zwirlein, Cheryl DeNoble, Sid Smith, Kevin Reger and many others for all your time, and energy that you put into the Centers garden! (We had some fun too!)


                             Start                                                                     Tilled                                                                    Front



Cut out plant                                                     Unity Yellow                                                    Butterfly Corner



Front Door                                                               Painting the sign                                       Linda Zwirlein & Sandra Krause


Our Donation of Mulch                                              Butterfly Corner Garden                                                    Full View of the front

Sandra Krause and Cheryl DeNoble                                  Chairs at Door                                          Unity Bench for all to enjoy                                                       A little fun while we work…



Our very own Victory Garden: The ‘brain child’ of Anna Stone and Billy Baldus. We are always looking at ways to serve our spiritual community. And even though the garden is ‘going in’ a little late, we anticipate some healthy vegetables to share with others. (Pictures to come soon) 


A Unity youth group from Bloomington Indiana made a stop at Unity this week and slept on the floor of the church. This is an interfaith youth group that takes major bike trips each Summer. This stop is part of a trip circling Lake Michigan. We wish we could spend more time with them, but social distancing doesn’t allow it.They seem like great young men and women!


deCycles group start arriving

kids coming in with food

deCycles group at UCIM after long day of biking


Bikes, resting in UCIM hallway

deCycles group packing the support van for departure