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Mittens for Meta House

Mittens for Meta House tree at Unity Center in Milwaukee
Mitten tree for Meta House

We collect mittens, hats, scarves, etc., to be hung on our special tree in the lobby. Please bring NEW items. We found there was a great need for undies and socks for children, as well as pj's. Any of those items, purchased NEW will be most welcome by the residents of META House.

Circulation Day

This is like a rummage sale--except no money gets exchanged.  It's a Unity Community 'gift away' of nice household things we have, are ready to part with, and that would be welcome to somebody else.

Hunger Task Force

Hunger Task Force Food Collection at Unity Center in Milwaukee
Donation Box in our Foyer

Pet Blessing

Potluck Project Day

Fleece Blankets - Linus Project

See our Calendar and Sign up for our Newsletter