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The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Here are the winning photos from the competition.

Tibor Kercz’s photo of an undignified owl.

An owl falling off a perch

Andrea Zampatti won the Land category with a photograph of a dormouse

Mouse smiling whilst sitting on a flower

Troy Mayne won Under The Sea category with a photobombing sea turtle

A turtle slapping a fish in the face with its fin

John Threlfall won the In The Air category with a bird and an ominous vapour trail

Birds flying

‘Highly Commended’ photos

Daisy Gilardini photographed a polar bear clinging on to its motherA baby polar bear holding on to it's mothers fur

Penny Palmer caught a sea otter reaching for the skyA beaver on its back stretching its pawsCarl Henry’s was highly commended for his photo entitled All Dressed And Ready For Church

Three penguins looking at a church in the mountains

Olivier Colle spotted a hare munching on grassA hare with grass in its mouth

Katy Laveck-Foster snapped two cheeky monkeysTwo monkeys on a bike

Jean-Jacques Alcalay captured the moment it looked as though a wildebeest was riding on the back of its companions Wildebeest appears to stand on top of other wildebeests.

George Cathcart was highly commended for his photoSeal looking shocked at another seal

Douglas Croft caught a fox getting a hole in one on a golf courseA fox defecating in a golf course hole

Daniel Trim snapped two mud-skippers appearing to be in mid-songMudskippers




Strandbeest Evolution


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