AS WE RE-OPEN OUR CENTER, we will continue to be mindful of all the precautions outlined for houses of worship. Please read the following carefully so you will be prepared to participate as fully as you choose this Sunday, and future Sundays to come until restrictions are lifted.

Here are some of the ways you will be protected:

No hand shakes, or holding hands at any time during the service (this is not addressed to families sitting together). No passing of bulletins, or collection baskets. Offering baskets are available at the rear of the chapel, and we invite you to make use of them as you exit the chapel. All current information will be displayed on the screens – each person may take notes on the individual clip boards provided, and at the end of the service please deposit the pen/pencil you used in the containers by the doors to be sanitized for the next week. No congregational singing.

Hand sanitizers will be placed at each entry to the center, masks will be provided for those who do not have one. Rows will be separated – every other row being closed off. Family members may sit together, all others, please try to maintain distance. Maintaining social distance of 6 ft. is our goal, however, we also want to be aware that this may mean some of our spiritual community will have to listen to the service in the Fireside Room.

Prayer Chaplains will be available after the celebration, and wearing a mask is a must for both the chaplain and the person requesting prayer support.