There is nothing more powerful than unapologetically knowing what you know and standing in it – without the need for anyone else’s approval. 

As a recovered (and constantly evolving) child of abuse and addiction, I used to doubt and undermined my own intuition on a regular basis. 

I looked to other people to validate what I knew on an intuitive level to be true, but couldn’t trust.  I thought if my best friend, the men in my life, heck –  the stranger on the street said it was true, then it must be so.  If they told me that I was

a)  imagining things

b) being too sensitive

c) over reacting

d) or just plain crazy and had no idea what I was talking about, 

I would disregard what my gut (my soul-intuition) was trying to tell me and catapult myself into a sea of confusion, drama and overwhelm.  Why?  Because my decisions were not matching what I felt in my gut, my soul and my heart. 

Are you doing that beloved? 

If you are, it’s not your fault.  It’s how you were trained and conditioned in your familial, generational and ancestral paradigm.  It’s just another way that the emotional addiction to unworthiness and feelings of not being good enough show up. 

I cannot tell you the awe, wonder and gratitude I felt the first time I made a decision in my life, and didn’t ask ANYONE’S OPINION ABOUT IT, or the first time I responded to someone’s inappropriate comments or actions  from a place of clarity, empowerment and certainty – and DIDN’T NEED VALIDATION from a million people to tell me that it was okay.  Wow! I felt so bad ass GOOD! 

When we are disconnected from the authentic self, we overreact, under-react or just shut down and don’t respond or react at all. Our emotional wounds cause us to feel confused and unsure of what we are thinking and feeling. But guess what? You don’t have to pull over and park there. 

In the promises of the 12 Steps, it states: “we will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us”. This is the promise of reconnecting to your highest and authentic self. 

How do you reconnect to your authentic self and your innate power of wholeness?  It’s gonna take making the deepest commitment to yourself you’ve ever made.  It’s going to take the willingness to finally love and honor yourself the way you truly deserve to be loved and honored. 

I can help with that. 

If someone or something doesn’t feel right to you – but you’re not sure of what you are feeling or thinking, here’s a few tips on how to slow down and listen to your inner guidance: 

1. Ask yourself “am I in fear”?

2. What am I afraid of?

3. Am I afraid of losing something or someone if I say what’s really on my mind? 

4. Who would I be if I could release my fear? How would I feel?

5.  Feel into it.  Breath into who you would be without fear of standing in your truth.

6. Give thanks for catching a glimpse of the real you

7. Put your hands on your tummy – breathe deeply

8. Ask yourself what do you really want? Journal about this until you’re clear

9. Be willing to release the belief that you can’t have what you want

10. Say yes if you mean yes, and no if you mean no.

Above all, remember to Think Better is to Live Better.  And it is the highest gift we give ourselves when we Think Better about ourselves.  Namaste’