Do you believe God still performs miracles today?

​Let me ask you this:  If miracles could happen, what “miracle” do you need in your life today?

​Often times, we are faced with circumstances in life that seem “impossible” to overcome, when looked at through a human lens.  A terminal diagnosis.  A broken marriage.  A daughter or son who has fallen far from the woman or man that you raised them to be.

Maybe you’ve experienced a devastating and untimely loss of a steady, good-paying job.
Financial struggles.   ​The loss of a dear loved one. ​We’ve all experienced “hell on earth” in one way, shape or form.  And maybe you’re going through a similar experience right now.

I’ve been there.  ​But know this:

God is bigger than your struggles.  And when you relinquish control, he can take the seemingly impossible, and make it possible.  I’ve witnessed it firsthand.  I’ve seen situations with “no hope” turn around, virtually overnight at times.

​You see, God still performs miracles today.  It may not be parting the red sea or turning water into wine, but whatever your need is, God can meet it, no matter how impossible it seems.

​How does that happen?

​First, you have to surrender.  My friend, Joel, has a tattoo on my forearm that reads “Freedom in Surrender”.  It’s a continual reminder for him to surrender control over the things that he has no control over anyway.  And man, do I need to be constantly reminded.  It’s a lesson I learn over and over again (fortunately, I learn it much more quickly these days).

​Second, believe.  There’s a saying that says “Let go, and let God.”  There is tremendous freedom and peace knowing that God is in control, and that he has your back.  And he does.

​Whatever your situation, it’s not too big, too hard, too complicated, too hurtful, or too far gone for a miracle to occur.  And sometimes, a miracle is the only thing that could ever fix such a dire situation…maybe just like the one you are experiencing right now.

​I encourage you, give your struggles to your creator today, and allow him to control the chess board of your life.  He’s never lost a match, as long as we allow him to move the pieces.

Do you believe in Miracles?
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One thought on “Do you believe in Miracles?

  • January 26, 2018 at 5:38 am

    Let go and let God…I can never hear this too often. Thank you for the reminder.

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